As a programmer, we’re learning lots of technologies. We’re using multiple technologies in the development process. At that time we can’t remember all syntax, methods, functions, or other language-related rules. So, a cheat sheet is there to help us. It’s basically a document in which you can find syntax, methods, and other concepts. Let’s start with one by one.

1. is a popular website for cheatsheets. You can find many languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Node.js, Python, plus more.

2. Awesome-Cheatsheets

Awesome-Cheatsheets is also a website, where you find cheat sheets. They provide cheat sheets for Node.js, Django, C, C++ etc.

Node is a leader in the asynchronous framework market. The platform now supports a huge portion of startups and businesses that are earning hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Thus, it establishes itself as a platform that can sustain a huge load, whilst retaining smooth performance. Node.js was perhaps the biggest revelation of modern server engineering that we saw. By the looks of it, Node isn’t stopping any time soon; it’s the exact opposite. The project continues to push out frequent updates and maintains old releases to support older platforms. …

Teach yourself some powerful tips & tricks that are not known by most developers

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JavaScript is the most common and most used language due to its functions and wide community. I’m using JS as my main stack for the last 5 years and still, there are so many concepts that are still unknown for me as well but in these years I come across many tips and tricks that help me. So, as a JS developer, you should know some of’em.

Performance Timing

Want to check how much time your code takes to execute? Simple enough, JS has

Nowadays API returns data in a JSON object structured format, here are quick tips to JavaScript’s in-built methods to loop through that data structure

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You might work with JSON, In case if you don’t know about JSON then here is a nice explanation on JSON. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. There are two ways data can be stored in JSON:

  • A collection of name/value pairs (aka a JSON object)
  • An ordered list of values (aka a JSON array)

You won’t get well-structured data from the server all the time. Sometimes you need to format data on the frontend side. Like if you got data in string then you need to convert data into your desired format.

Fetching JSON from a Remote API

To demonstrate the example, I’ll use the…

Javascript Guide

List snippets to make you discover new exciting features, useful tips, or anything that will give you a better understanding of JS

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If you haven’t read the first part you can check it here

Here I put together the rest JavaScript code snippets that are missing in part 1 to make you discover new exciting features, useful tips, or anything that will give you a better understanding of JS tricks.

Proxies introduction

// The Proxy object enables you to create a proxy for another object, // which can intercept and redefine fundamental operations for that object. let target = {}, handler = {}; let proxy = new Proxy(target, handler); // All of proxy’s internal methods are forwarded to target. = 'Joe'; // will…

List snippets to make you discover new exciting features, useful tips, or anything that will give you a better understanding of JS

Image by Arnold at Unsplash

Here I put together JavaScript code snippets to make you discover new exciting features, useful tips, or anything that will give you a better understanding of JS tricks.

Switch statement vs Object Search

function handleSuccess(){}
function handleUnauthorized(){}
function handleNotFound(){}
function handleUnknownError(){}
const status = 200;
// Switch statement
switch (status) {
case 200:
case 401:
case 404:
// Equivalent using object key search in O(1) time
const hashmap = {
200: handleSuccess,
401: handleUnauthorized,
404: handleNotFound,
default: handleUnknownError
const hashmapResult = hashmap.hasOwnProperty(status) ? hashmap[status] : hashmap.default;;

.map() & .reduce()

const myArray = [1,2,3,4,5,6];// Use .map()…

Here I put together all looping methods from JavaScript ES1 to ES6.

  • The for loop:
for (let index=0; index < someArray.length; index++) {
const elem = someArray[index];
// ···
  • The for-in loop:
for (const key in someArray) {
  • The Array method .forEach():
someArray.forEach((elem, index) => {
console.log(elem, index);
  • The for-of loop:
for (const elem of someArray) {

The for loop [ES1]

Everyone knows about the plain for loop in JS, it’s quite old and it’s since ES1. Especially used when you want to logs the index and values of an array.

const arr = ['a', 'b', 'c']; arr.prop…

2020 was disappointing for almost all of us. Many businesses are forced to take creative steps to survive. Consumers have to make changes too, and the Web has also had to make some changes. At the beginning of 2021 if you didn’t follow the trends then it time to implement. Some of the design trends of yesterday were supposed to open up new ones to others.

So what can you expect to see in the way of new design trends in 2021? I will show you some examples of websites that have incorporated some of these new styles, Whether you…

For those who don’t know what Tailwind CSS is, it’s a CSS framework that lets you build completely custom user interfaces without having to override any predefined components or styles.

Some CSS frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap) come with pre-defined components such as cards, buttons, and more, which can be helpful at first because they help you build sites faster, but can cause a lot of pain when you try to customize the site.

Tailwind, on the other hand, offers only classes that you can use wherever you want, giving you the freedom to create designs that are completely tailored to your…

If you’re a developer then you must know that some tools actually save your hours of work. The main purpose of external tools is to increase the productivity of a developer. So here I narrate 4 tools that you probably never heard about, but that can save your important hours.

1. iHateRegex

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