Node is a leader in the asynchronous framework market. The platform now supports a huge portion of startups and businesses that are earning hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Thus, it establishes itself as a platform that can sustain a huge load, whilst retaining smooth performance. Node.js was perhaps the biggest revelation of modern server engineering that we saw. By the looks of it, Node isn’t stopping any time soon; it’s the exact opposite. The project continues to push out frequent updates and maintains old releases to support older platforms. …

JavaScript Style Guides — Write Better Code

Nowadays you heard how much JS is used by the top leading IT companies, Whether you’re a pro JS coder or just a beginner you need to be aware of some useful guides. If you do a bit digger dip on the style guide, you find there are N number of style guides out there, which will help you to improve your coding standard because it was well documented by the highly professional developers and they published that as open source. So, the one like us gets to know more. …

If you’re a JavaScript developer then you must know these features for better coding.

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I have been using the new features of ECMAScript 2021 for over a year, thanks to Babel. Almost all the features are usable, but I liked only Four of them it helps me to write efficient and better code, Let’s begin with first,

1. Promise.any

promise.any accepts a series of promises and is resolved as soon as any promises made are resolved. Sounds cool right? let me show you an example

fetch('').then(()=>{return 'one'})
fetch('').then(()=>{return 'two'})
fetch('').then(()=>{return 'three'})
//any of the promises was fulfilled
console.log({res}) // one OR two OR three
}).catch((error) = > {

We made three requests at once. When one of the requests is resolved, Promise. any also resolves and submits the first application resolved to the console (for example, by…

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2020 is almost getting over, and yet so far we’re together. If you’re a javascript developer then you must use one framework that I mentioned below. 2020 is so far a good year for javascript developers. A lot of improvement to vanilla js and it’s frameworks. All of these possible because it has large community support. let me begin with the frameworks.

1. React JS

As always REACT comes in the first place due to its community and features, It is an open-source front-end JavaScript developed by Facebook. React has introduced Component-Based Architecture for building interactive UI and specifically for building single-page programs.
React concept of ‘Virtual DOM’ which only provides flexible content instead of providing an entire page. …

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Nowadays mostly backend works with REST APIs because it’s more flexible than SOAP. REST has been around for a long time, and today it’s still the most widely-accepted way to write an API. REST is a specification that sits on top of HTTP. API calls are structured around objects (like profiles, preferences, and templates) using dedicated HTTP endpoints. For example, if you wanted to expose a way to programmatically manipulate your user profiles, you might have a REST endpoint /user/{userId} which can be queried to perform CRUD operations using HTTP GET, POST, DELETE, etc. …

As you all know that React is getting more wider each passing day, so you also need to be prepared with good questions for your upcoming interview. So in this article, I put together some best and frequently asked React questions.

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ref: Mindmajix

1. Best way to navigate React Router

First, there is a concept of useHistory hook in React Router v.>5.1.0 and also you are using React v>16.8.0.

import { useHistory } from "react-router-dom";

let DemoPage = () => {
const history = useHistory();

let handleClick = () => {

return (
<button type="button" onClick={handleClick}>
Demo Page

If you’re using v4 for React Router, there are many approaches that you can opt to navigate React route within components. …

An enterprise-class UI design language and React UI library

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antd provides plenty of UI components to enrich your web applications. Antd library is getting wider day by day with it’s improved and new features. I’m using antd for the last 7 months and I just love the components provided by antd. Using many inbuilt components it’s very easy to render and build UI. ANTD library can be used with react, angular and Vue js also. Due to its wide support + community, it’s easy to use and trust for a big project/app.

In this article, I mostly talk related to antd + react. …

React Router is needed when you want to change or navigate through a react app with more than one view. surely you need routers to manage the URLs for your app. React Router will help you to achieve this and keep your app in sync with URL and UI.

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As you’re here means you’re using react for sure, and make your hands dirty with react router. SO mainly in this article code was written with react router v05. Routing is the process to keep the URLs in a well-formed manner and will be rendered on the UI side. …

Every programmer knows about GitHub, so apart from that, you should also know which repos can boost your coding and programming knowledge. As being a JS Developer I referred some repos that help me throughout my path. So let’s begin with the best repos out there on GitHub.

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1. JS interview questions.


When you’re preparing for an interview, this repo can be very useful. It has mostly all interview questions. You can find hard to easy questions. so before interview, you just need to look once and revise your concepts.


This repo is also a masterpiece for the one who’s preparing for a competitive interview. as the owner of this repo said “Anybody who wants to land a job at a tech company for a front end role and is looking to make sure they don’t stumble on the basic questions. To be frank, I revise the answers here from time to time as well!” …

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Promises are a big invention of javascript. Previously we usesetTimeouts and settling for synchronous operations to doing everything possible to leverage this new async API. Let's check out a handful of awesome Promises tricks!

Cancel a fetch Request

One problem we instantly complained about with promises was not being able to cancel them. A simple promiseInstance.cancel() would have been excellent but never came. Instead, we were given an API that was way more complicated:

const controller = new AbortController();
const { signal } = controller;
fetch("http://localhost:8000", { signal }).then(response => {
console.log(`Request 1 is complete!`);
}).catch(e => {
console.warn(`Fetch 1 error: ${e.message}`);
// Abort request…


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