As a programmer, we’re learning lots of technologies. We’re using multiple technologies in the development process. At that time we can’t remember all syntax, methods, functions, or other language-related rules. So, a cheat sheet is there to help us. It’s basically a document in which you can find syntax, methods, and other concepts. Let’s start with one by one.

1. is a popular website for cheatsheets. You can find many languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Node.js, Python, plus more.

2. Awesome-Cheatsheets

Awesome-Cheatsheets is also a website, where you find cheat sheets. They provide cheat sheets for Node.js, Django, C, C++ etc.

Node is a leader in the asynchronous framework market. The platform now supports a huge portion of startups and businesses that are earning hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Thus, it establishes itself as a platform that can sustain a huge load, whilst retaining smooth performance. Node.js was perhaps the biggest revelation of modern server engineering that we saw. By the looks of it, Node isn’t stopping any time soon; it’s the exact opposite. The project continues to push out frequent updates and maintains old releases to support older platforms. …

JavaScript is classy, but how can a machine actually understand the code you’ve written?

Like JavaScript devs, we usually do not have to deal with compilers ourselves. However, it’s really nice to know the basics of a JavaScript engine and see how it handles our personalized JS code and makes it something machine-understood! 🥳

Note: This post is mainly based on the V8 engine used by Node.js and browsers based on Chromium.

In your code, the HTML parser looks for a script tag and its associated source. Now from that source, program/code loaded. It can be from a network, temp storage, or any other service worker. Then the reply is in form of a…

AI & ML has grown over the past few years, which will allow us to get more information on the data collected. We can also implement ML to work as a UX designer, a product designer, and an interaction designer.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have been making curls over the years, from the impact of major sectors such as retail, health, and safety. With each passing year, and in the fast-evolving, technology is changing our world in a way that was a fantasy.

For some of the “get started”, it is something to be wary of. A lot of people will see it as a threat to their jobs, and a relentless machine that is all you can do is do what they do, only better, faster, without the need to pay up or go to sleep.

Elastic Load Balancer use for automatic traffic distribution across multiple healthy EC2 instances.

Get an overview of the top AWS services for 2021 and prepare your ride with cloud computing.

What Is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest computer platform, offering 200+ installed applications worldwide, from infrastructure to machine learning. These integrated programs offer high usability and are clearly designed to optimize your app’s performance with features of content delivery, data storage, and more. With AWS, you only pay for the exact amount of help you need, resulting in a lower cost commitment and time-to-value improvement without compromising productivity.

List Of Top AWS Services

let’s take a look at the options that make this possible. This AWS services catalog will provide you with the basics to help you get started.

EC2 is a cloud platform provided…

AWS DynamoDB is a cloud-native noSQL primarily key-value database

DynamoDB is a key-value noSQL database created by Amazon. Unlike other products offered by Amazon and other retailers in that it is not just an open source program, like Spark, hosted on retailers. Amazon has written this for their internal needs and is now making it available to their customers.

Let’s define each of those words.

  • DynamoDB is cloud-based because it does not work on buildings or hybrid cloud; only works on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This enables it to scale as needed without requiring a client’s investment in hardware. …

Serverless and cloud computing has seen a major uptake in recent times, becoming industries unto themselves, with AWS Lambda leading the way

AWS Lambda is a serverless computer service or FaaS (Service as a service) provided by AWS. It supports a wide range of possible causes, including incoming HTTP requests, queued messages, customer emails, changes to database records, user affirmation, messages coming to web sockets, patron device sync, and much more. AWS Lambda also helps you focus on your core product and business mindset instead of managing the operating system (OS) access control system, etc.

Because app developers do not combine or distribute server code to control a network socket in AWS Lambda, their applications are serverless. …

AWS Route 53 is one of the popular and widely used services of Amazon Web Services

AWS Route 53 is a DNS service that combines all the Internet traffic to the appropriate servers to the host as well as the required application from the web. Amazon does have a point, the normal DNS Management, which is simply to indicate the name of the web page and redirect the user to the hosting infrastructure.

The subscription-based WORLD service provides the ability to use a domain to register, apply, routing principles, infrastructure, health checks, and configuration management, and without the need for coding by using the AWS Management Console. …

It’s very easy to upload images/files on an AWS S3 bucket using the Node API. Learn how to do it easily.

It’s easy to use the S3 bucket as storage due to its handy integration method with Node.js. I hope you have set up a Node.js application. I skip Node and Express set up in this article. Let’s move to the next prerequisite.

multer: Necessary for handling data files. It’s basically middleware and mainly use for uploading files.

multer-s3: It will help to upload files to AWS S3

aws-sdk: Needed for configuration, when to work with AWS

Install all via a single command:

npm install —-save multer multer-s3 aws-sdk

AWS Setup

Go to and create a free account and you’ll get a…

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