Part 2: A Comprehensive Collection of React Interview Questions in 2021

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In case you missed part 1, then I highly recommend you go through that article once before reading this one. Let’s move forward.

What are the major features of React?

The major features of React are:

  • It uses VirtualDOM instead of RealDOM considering that RealDOM manipulations are expensive.
  • It supports server-side rendering.
  • It follows Unidirectional data flow…

Let’s crack your interview together. Understand frequently asked questions in React interviews.

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Do you want to make a career change for the better? Or did you spend a lot of time and energy preparing for an interview the following weekend? Do you know how many people are excluded from discussions just because they prepare ideas instead of focusing on the real questions…

Best JavaScript questions asked to me during an interview

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In the past month, I’ve been giving interviews for JavaScript positions, and during some of the interviews, I encountered good questions. So I thought to share those with the needy ones.

Write output for the given code and explain

for (var i=1; i <= 3; i++){
}, 100)



WHY? As per…

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Currently, Database security is a must. If you failed to do so, it will lead to major business loss. If the system architecture is large and the database is huge, then you must take major safety precautions. So before starting, you must choose an appropriate database, and its not an…

Ever had to deal with JS code that just didn’t run the way you expected it to? Maybe it seemed like functions got executed at random, unpredictable times, or the execution got delayed. There’s a chance you were dealing with a cool new feature that ES6 introduced: Promises!

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So, it’s time: let’s talk about JavaScript Promises.

Basic questions: Why use them? When to use them? What are the “under the hood” functions of Promise? How to write in the simplest/modest way?

Sometimes we need to rely on other tasks in order to perform the next task. …

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