How to use quarantine days effectively?

PUBG: Checked

Ludo: Checked

TikTok: Checked

Video calls: Checked

Social media: Done to the level that you even stalked your relatives and now you no longer want to know what the stars are cooking and who’s doing the dishes.

Now what?

Let me handle this. Here are some quick ideas on making the most out of your quarantine days.

1)Home Workout or stretch

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Home Workout

Are you the one who came up with creative excuses to skip the leg days? You’re excused, without guilt. You’re excused from the Punjabi playlist that made your workout sessions even more difficult. Explore workout with different horizons, under the sky, amidst low pollution. Grab a different healthy drink each day and a new workout plan. A short run on the terrace, a peaceful meditation, Fill those water bottles and bang! You have your dumbbells. Brownie points from mom for filling those bottles. That makes it a great deal for the day. A quick skipping session or maybe going back to childhood with pullups by grabbing the door frame. Time to get that favorite football or basketball of yours out that’s waiting to see you since your college days. Go to your backyard and have a memorable play session with your family. Good old times! gaining memories, losing calories and you say workouts are boring?

2) Get dressed or style your look

With no presentations and meetings lined up and your beards growing, it’s time to style it as you always wanted to. Just like your favorite star or sportsperson. You can watch grooming videos on youtube and get started. Get a fresh look, experiment, and style others if you have got volunteers in the house. Try fitting in those clothes that lay ignored in your wardrobe for weird reasons. You can also get a nice indoor shoot at your favorite corner of the house.

3) learn something

Remember that instrument you bought and played just for two days? Or that language you wanted to learn but you know just the salutations ? or that canvas that’s yet to be painted? You have got a chance to re-learn. If not a hobby, you can also add-on new certifications to your resume with interesting e-learning courses. You can even challenge yourself by learning something that’s completely off the field. Maybe to cook, to code, to dance, to bake. Keep the mood lifted, motivated, and energetic. This can turn out to be a beautiful learning curve.

4) Arrange your stuff

You have no clue, you already have those things that you ordered lately. Tempt yourself to find a really important document of yours or your favorite tie or your favorite pair of earrings and you will end up finding a lot more than that. Get your playlist on fire and arrange your wardrobe, when you find your shirt that you thought your best friend stole, it will motivate you to work a bit more. So, get your documents done. Scan them and keep them safely in separate folders. By now, you 'll already have found a pair of lost earplugs, a sim card ejector, a pair of sunglasses that you thought you lost on a holiday, your favorite pair of cuff buttons, your extra pair of car keys and your Spongebob socks. Ultimately, You’re happy and organized. When you’re organized, you’re less likely to get irritated and frustrated. Not just clean, Monica clean!

5) Make to-do list

The time when we all have realized, we should not take our lives for granted. When you’re spending a lot of time with your family, make a to-do list with them. All those things they always wanted to do in your company, a family holiday that’s pending or new gadgets that you thought you would buy. Make plans, do some quick research. You can also wishlist all those things you wanted to buy but had no time to find them online. Make a list and get going.

6) Online jobs to make money from home

An extra income is always a good idea. During this time, there are a lot of online opportunities you can look at and add those extras for a nice weekend getaway or to treat yourself with shopping or get yourself an expensive bottle of wine. Also, you will get in touch with new people with this, you will explore a different side of yours altogether. Take part in surveys, write, review videos, or books. There’s a lot more! Sit back, relax, and make a little extra.

7) Be productive

To feel better, fuel yourself with creativity. You had enough of taking untimely naps and Netflix and chill in the first week itself. You can share your skills with others by starting your own youtube channel or your blog. Share your experiences, learn a new thing each day. If you stay productive, you stay positive and that’s the underlying goal.

8) Watch and talk

With a lot of activities ongoing, the best part is you don’t have to wait for Friday eve to binge-watch your favorite series or movies. You can do this when you feel like. You don’t even have to wait for your group of friends to get together. Everyone is now just a call away. You can anytime crack your lamest jokes, laugh out loud, and have parties over video calls for no reason.

9) Try harder to get rid of your bad daily habits

In our daily hustle and bustle, you find varied reasons to not skip that cigarette. The one before an important presentation, the one after it, one because you had a long day one because you did not make that deal. It’s now time to get relaxed mentally and get control over yourself, over your addictive practices. With no rush to reach work, just a 10 min meditation to calm your mind and have your coffee time by yourself, you can certainly get rid of your addictions.

10) last but not least DO something that makes you and other happy

Watch a classic movie with your parents, watch cartoons with your kid or nephews. Nothing can make them happier. And you had definitely forgotten to consider this in the chaos. Help your mom or wife in the kitchen. Make memories along with new cuisine. Do what brings a smile to your loved ones. This will make your day and theirs too. A happy place, positive vibes, and smiles. Can you earn something more?

We are the ones witnessing this historic time. You have a chance to do all that you always wanted to but blamed time. It’s yours now. Grab as much as you can. Turn out to be fresh, more zestful, and more constructive than ever before. Earn smiles and memories to cherish!

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